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-Step 1-
Enter your Contractor info in the form on this page & type in contractor after your last name
-Step 2-
You will be contacted by someone from our team. But call us anytime!
-Step 3-
We will quickly send you a detailed scope of work for each job so you can make a bid
-Step 4-
Once your bid is approved you can start work. And remember: We Love To Pay Our Contractors!


How we help our Contractors:

Why you want to work with T.R.E.P.S. in the Nashville Area Market:

  • Because we provide a detailed scope of work on each job to make bidding fast and easy!
  • Because love to pay our contractors! We won’t work with a contractor unless they profit significantly!
  • Because we work with a large network of Nashville area Investors and we provide you with new & repeat business!
  • Because we always work on multiple jobs and we keep you working and keep you earning income for your business!
  • Because we want to work with you long term and be an important profitable part of your team!


How to Apply: Choose any of these 3 options:

Download and fill out this form “CLICK HERE” and email it to

Or Fax to: 615-713-2722

Or Call: 615-713-2727


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